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How to Stay Busy While You’re Staying Home!

How to Stay Busy While You’re Staying Home!

Here are some ways to keep busy during the November lockdown.

Spending more time at home during the lockdown can provide the perfect opportunity
to take up a new hobby or learn a new skill.

Below are some ideas for how to keep as busy and as fulfilled as possible during the second lockdown.


If you’re a foodie who fancies something new, why not try some of these amazing food projects recommended by BBC Good Food?

From imaginative cocktails to homemade pasta, there’s plenty to have a go at over the coming weeks!


Learning to paint can be an extremely relaxing and rewarding experience.
With all sorts of art equipment available online, it couldn’t be easier to start creating something
beautiful for your home!


Despite the colder weather, growing your own plants, shrubs, fruit and vegetables
can be therapeutic all year round.

Timber planters can be used to sow all sorts of fruit and veg in November, including broad beans, garlic, asparagus and spring cabbage, while taking up minimal space in your garden.

Alternatively, there are many beautiful plants that can be sown, that will bloom in the Spring and fill your garden with colour!


Coronavirus has sadly put most activities and socialisation on hold. However, there are many accessible online book clubs which regularly provide exciting new reads and promote interaction and discussion!


It can often be difficult to feel your best throughout the colder months, but here are some top tips for maintaining your general well-being this winter:

  • Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables (perhaps even home-grown ones!) to support your immune system.
  • Try to exercise regularly for endorphin boosts – walking and yoga are great options!
  • Maintain a regular routine where possible and get plenty of sleep.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water and limiting caffeine and alcohol consumption.
  • Try to maximise Vitamin D consumption; whether it be through spending more time outside or by taking vitamins.


Christmas will soon be upon us but, with gift shopping being far from easy to do this year,
why not try your hand at making something homemade?

Take a look at this list of Christmas gift ideas for some festive inspiration!

Stay safe!

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